3 Color Combinations to Avoid When Creating a Logo with Free Logo Maker Software

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Color is essential for a logo, especially in this day and age where people are gravitating towards colored visuals. The color you add to your logo can instantly change its balance and tone. When you look at a finished logo, you might think that selection of color is quite simple. However, it can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any idea about brand perception. If you pair colors the wrong way, it will drive a conflicting message or customers may perceive your logo in a negative light. That’s why certain color combinations are best left to the experts. Below is a comprehensive outline of color pairings that are best left to the experts:

  • Desist from using light colors on white backgrounds when designing your logo

You can relate this to the first time you attempted to look at the sun directly. It was a nasty experience, right? Using light colors on a white background has the same effect. Light colors are almost identical to white backgrounds that it’s tough to differentiate. In fact, if you look at them for a few more minutes, they start to become blurry. It gets worse if you use light colored text on a white background. Nobody will even bother to look at the logo.

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  • Don’t use bright pink and yellow when creating a logo with free logo download software

Pink typically represents delightful, luxurious and fashion-forward situations. Yellow, on the other hand, depicts energetic and cheerful conditions. However, pair these colors and customers will construe them as childish. So, unless your target audience is children, desist from combining these colors.

  • Avoid neon colors when creating your logo with free logo maker software

Most designers don’t like including neon colors in their logos because they don’t age properly. In other words, they are not timeless. A logo aims to make customers become familiar with it. That means consistency is imperative. The neon trend isn’t consistent, as it keeps coming and going after a few years. And any business owner hates the idea of updating their logo time after time. Also, neon colors tend to be youthful and intense and using them may be perceived as unprofessional.


Like we’ve said early, choosing colors for a logo is a challenging task. To avoid the confusion, make use of the established color guidelines like complementary colors schemes that are typical of your brand and industry. You can start with checking out the color wheel but keep the ‘’less is more” principle when choosing colors for your logo.

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